I didn’t break up with you because i wanted to “fuck” other guys.
I wanted to date others… and only if I wanted to. 

I broke up with you because you do nothing but talk shit about me and think it’s funny and perfectly fine to do so. If you didn’t keep talking shit as much as you have, maybe something could’ve been salvaged. 

to think i was actually considering giving a friendship another try. 
I’ll own up I’ve looked at your twitter occasionally. But after that bs… bye.

I never said I was innocent, so saying “she wants to act so innocent etc etc” is dumb. I know what I did, and like a grown up, I owned up to it and apologized. Take it or leave it.

And the only reason your friends side with you is because the only thing you probably told them was that i broke up with you to fuck other guys which isn’t even true.

maybe tell them what you said about me, tell them what you said to my face. 

you’re the one still butt-hurt about everything. only reason i’m even bothering with this is because i’m not going to let someone talk shit about me and not say something.

and i hope you’re reading this because that makes you a “creep” too. 
if you have something to say, say it to my damn face.

i’m over it. 

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